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青岛海丽雅集团董事长张旭明 当选为青岛市第十六届人大代表

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      On the morning of April 16, the first meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Qingdao was held at the Municipal People's Hall. From the city's various industries, the fronts of the Municipal People's Congress representatives together, shoulder the city's people's hopes and trust, to fulfill the constitutional and legal conferred the sacred duty.
       Group Chairman Zhang Xuming, elected by the layers of elected Qingdao City, the 16th National People's Congress. As a representative of the Municipal People's Congress Zhang Xuming attended the first meeting of the 16th Qingdao People's Congress in 2017, and submitted to the General Assembly, "on the level of treatment of skilled workers to improve the policy recommendations" and "to further enhance the safety of public safety Proposal "of the proposal.
Improve the quality of public safety emergency
      At present, the degree of public participation in the construction of public safety in our city is still low, especially the public awareness of security and disaster prevention is low, we should increase and perfect the emergency facilities and support, so that emergency facilities and tools into the family, pay close attention to the safety of all the people Education, as soon as possible to improve the public emergency awareness and ambulance.
      Suggested in the mode of operation, can take personal take a little, the unit to solve a little, the government subsidized a little way, from point to surface gradually implemented. For the staff of the relative concentration of enterprises and institutions of the office, living areas, should implement the incentive policy, so that they take the lead in the emergency package and other emergency tools to promote the community to enhance the safety and emergency awareness.
Improve the level of treatment of skilled workers
        The government should improve the level of treatment of skilled workers, improve the wage growth mechanism of skilled workers, and strengthen the cultivation of skilled artisans so as to emerge more "great artisans".
        For a long time, in some people's ideas, talent is limited to intellectuals, experts and scholars, value doctor, master, contempt for skilled workers, that skilled workers do not develop the future. Over the years, part of the real income of skilled workers slow growth, is a true portrayal. Establish and improve the wage standards of skilled workers, and effectively improve their income level, has become the current society must be concerned about the issue.


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