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    Countless people love the sailboat windward wave of the share of "speed and passion", but few people know that the wonderful performances rely on a sailboat rope tied. Sailing rope is a lot of racers called "successful cable", it is to ensure that sailing in harsh environments, overcome the wind, waves, fog, an important guarantee for success.
        May 3, "Land Rover Ultimate Regatta Qingdao station" game in the Olympic sail base officially war. In addition to the audience, from the Russian sailing team members are also very excited, the game, they find their own sailing to the favorite sailing rope.
       Raiders of the Russian sailing team favorite "peace of mind" sailing rope from Qingdao billion and Haili R & D and production. Each sailboat rope is specially crafted and specially crafted. At the same time as the need for the rope hot (cold) draft treatment, access to moderate softness, ultra-low extension and other effects; coupled with special coating treatment makes the rope more wear and tear, so that the operation more flexible and durable. With the end of the game, "peace of mind" sailing rope will be officially set foot on Russia, for the future more escort escort.
        Qingdao billion and Haili staff and the Russian sailing team photo



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